About us

We are Argentina Hunt, a family operated company in Argentina specialized in wing shooting and Golden “Dorado” fishing.

We have run the business for more than 20 years now and our lodges are located in Santiago del Estero, at just a ninety minutes’ flight from Buenos Aires.

You can experience an unlimited number of doves from dawn to sunset all year round in a 30-mile area around the lodges. When we say unlimited we speak about an amazing 1,000 to 2,000 rounds a day guaranteed!!

We are the only outfitter offering such a range of birds and golden “dorado” fishing out of only one lodge area, with the exception of duck, usually shot a couple of hours South… Dove, pigeon, “charata”, duck, “perdiz” and golden “dorado” tailored to each hunter’s needs.

Discover our Lodges in Argentina

La Pichona and Charca lodges are located at only 45 minutes from SDE airport.

They share a green area in the very heart of the rural area where everyday hunting takes place. They are completely surrounded by sawn grain fields and at a short distance of the groves where doves nest.

Though different in style, both lodges offer the same comfort, privacy and a warm atmosphere. In addition, the personalized attention given by the company owners and the kind staff members make guests feel at home.

The pleasant outdoor area offers diverse options… from a shaded ornamented gallery for a casual talk to the pool for a refreshing dip on return from the fields, while the fire pit under the grove of carob trees is perfect to gather around and share the anecdotes of the day and a glass of Malbec wine on cool evenings… Any of them before you savor one of the delicious local specialties prepared by our chef.

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