Frequently Asked Questions

Citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand and other Western European nations, do not require a visa for tourist trips of up to 90 days to Argentina. They must travel with a passport from their country of residence valid for at least six (6) months at the time of entering Argentina.

Those carrying passports from other nations should check with their local consulates for specific regulations.

To have your hunting date confirmed, 50% of the package rate will be wired. The remainder will be paid in cash at the lodge (American dollars). Checks and credit cards not accepted at the moment.

There are direct flights to Buenos Aires from many U.S and European cities. Once you arrive at Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) you’ll need a domestic flight to Santiago del Estero, usually departing from Aeroparque Newbery (AEP). The connection between airports takes about one hour.  Daily flights to SDE are operated by Aerolineas Argentinas, take 90 minutes and usually depart in the afternoon.

Depending on flight schedules you may need to spend a night in Buenos Aires on arrival or departure day.

We can arrange your private bilingual shuttle service in Buenos Aires and also offer the best alternatives to visit and enjoy the city. 

Our trip coordinator will provide flight info and advice to assist you in the booking process. Once tickets are purchased all the services needed in Argentina can be arranged by her so you can enjoy your stopover / stay without worries. Our tour operator in Buenos Aires assists and drives most of our visitors offering an impeccable service along the stay (private bilingual shuttles, hotels, tours, etc..)

Facundo, the company owner, or a lodge representative will meet you at SDE airport upon arrival. If you are delayed or miss your flight, please let us know.

Some weeks prior to your arrival you will receive a “spreadsheet” requesting all the information needed from you (passport number, flight info, your whatsapp contact during the trip, emergency contact in your country of residence, physical/medical conditions, dietary restrictions and any special request you may have).

Yes, a hunting license will be required. Some weeks before your visit we will ask for the necessary information so as to get the license ready prior to your arrival.

Yes, though bringing personal firearms into Argentina requires detailed steps prior to the trip and may also imply considerable expenses. Besides, these firearms can for no reason stay in the country for more than 90 days.

If you prefer bringing your own firearm carefully read all the specific information you will find on our website before making a decision.

We suggest you consider the option of renting the available ones at the lodges in order to avoid the embarrassing process.

Accommodation at our lodges are on a double room basis.

Single rooms must be specifically requested. They are subject to availability and have an additional charge.

The “Useful info” attachment received with your hunting program and our regulations includes a “suggested equipment” list.

We count on quality shotguns for rent at both lodges. Most of our guests choose this option to avoid the paperwork and significant expenses of entering their own guns into the country. Please read that specific section carefully.
Those hunting duck must bring their own waders since we have often had trouble related to the sizes needed. Light chest waders are ok.

The Argentinian Peso varies a lot in terms of exchange rate and there are
several rates. If you are planning to stay in Buenos Aires a few days prior or after your stay with us, you can exchange money to have cash in hand. Ask the hotel concierge about the current rate and a safe place to exchange dollars. Restaurants, hotels and big stores will take credit cards as payment, but taxis, small stores and vendors in street fairs take only cash. They may take dollars but may not offer you the best exchange rate.

At our Lodges all extras will be paid cash (American dollars).

Free wi-fi access available at both lodges. We do our best to provide guests with fast and reliable internet, but we depend on the carrier that provides the service in the rural area where our lodges are located. Sometimes this results in slow speed or service delays. We apologize in advance if one of these problems occurs during your stay.

The cell number below will be available for contact 24/7

Laundry service available only upon request. The cost for washing and drying is  $3 USD per item.

If you could not find your question on this section, please email us to